Monday, February 23, 2009

Fabulous February Follies - 2009

Once again, it was time for the CYF’s biggest fundraiser for their workcamp trip this summer in Sullivan, Illinois.  An awful lot of time and energy goes into this annual production, but the results are well worth the efforts!

This year our theme was Kingsway’s Got Talent – and boy did it!


Setup is always a humongous task.  It takes a lot to turn an empty gym

022209 001

into a studio

022209 268

and back to an empty gym – all within 48 hours. 

022209 491

But then again, these kids can do anything…Sure, there were several breaks, snack times, and lots and lots of table moving, but they got it done.

To go with the theme there was the judge’s table:

022209 036

The judge’s “X” boards:

022209 048

Table decorations:

022209 031 

Chairs to be put out (lots of chairs):

022209 007

Ginger Haynes and her kitchen crew worked hard on the food.  Appetizers on the tables, lasagna in the oven, and my favorite, glazed bananas over ice cream.  The youth groups served dinner to the guests at their tables.

Rick began the show, sharing with the audience what this fundraiser is about, how workcamp changes these kids, and how grateful we are that Kingsway is so supportive of the youth.

022209 080 

Emily was an excellent emcee!

022209 109

First on stage – Grant and Jessica, backed by the Disciples Band, and followed up with an interview by Emily. 


Next was Lauren singing a sweet song. 

022209 110

Up next?  Bill “Thinks He’s Funny” White.  What did the judges think?  Not a single “X” and the judges had a hard time talking to him because they were laughing so hard.

022209 119

022209 122022209 123 

Babe & The Geezers surprised us all by whipping out their kazoos during the last half of the song.  Here’s the Babe…

022209 138and the Geezers…

022209 132with their kazoos…

022209 140which didn’t score to highly with the judges.  OUCH!

022209 149

Next up – another babe – Katelyn.  PK (preacher’s kid) or not, she stole the show.  I mean, who would not fall in love with this..

022209 161 And she was ready to perform for the rest of the show, if only her mom would let her.  See these photos for the wrestling match that ensued while Heather tried to stop the performance.

After a brief intermission, Stan and the Disciples Band worked the crowd.  They even drew “groupies” to the front of the stage.

Anne, Barbara, and Stan brought their unique act to the stage.  Barbara may have to be the next Church Council secretary with her mad typing skills (not to mention her posh red shoes)!  She didn’t seem to be the least bit deterred by the judges’ thoughts.

Bill shared the stage with Stan.

022209 279

And then with his beautiful daughter, Lucy.

022209 313

And every year, A visitor from the East arrives.  This year was no exception.  Please say hello to the Great Haynak.

Our last act of the night was Paul Scott and the Disciples Band.  Oh my word – when was the last time you saw someone dress like this in church?  Yowza, yowza Ms. Connie!

And while the show is being held on the stage, another “show” is happening in the corner of the gym.

022209 321 022209 324 022209 287 022209 315

To round out the evening, we drew for the fantastic door prizes…

As it turns out Sam won the portable DVD player.

022209 453But to his credit, he felt it should go to someone else in the church, since this was a fundraiser for the youth.  So Sam picked another ticket..022209 465

Imagine the surprise (see Lucy’s face?) when he drew…

022209 467

022209 468


And it’s over. 

The crowd makes their way home.

022209 486And the once beautifully set tables look a little different…

022209 488

022209 489

And siblings of the youth are tired and ready for bed.

022209 490And the room is converted back to a gym for the daycare.

022209 491  

We are eternally grateful to Kingsway for their support of the CYF and the kids’ ministry to work on the homes of others in need.  It is at workcamp these kids focus on their faith, fellowship, service, and fun.  Without Kingsway, it would not be possible.  God Bless!

Friday, February 13, 2009

A note from Donna

Can you believe Donna is in Israel and took time to give a shout-out to her friends at Kingsway:

Hi everyone! I cannot begin to describe how wonderful this Israel trip. Wish you could all have this experience. Take care and see you soon.


We are all praying you have a fantastic trip and safe travel Donna!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Notes from WIM Meeting 2-9-09

WIM met last evening in the MOSD building with nine in attendance (Lee Russell, Judy Daniel, Paula Wright, Yvonne Thomas, Denise McCormick, Susan Bailey, Barbara Bullington, Linda Gibson & Nancy Folden). Nancy reviewed Dr. Sleeth's book "Serve God, Save the Planet" with some of his suggestions for being good stewards of God's World.

Feb. 14th, our group will be delivering Valentine baskets to Kingsway's shut-ins. The baskets will be assembled at Emily Schaeffer's home. Linda Gibson, Yvonne Thomas, Nancy Folden, Judy Daniel & Diane Senger have agreed to help deliver the baskets,starting at 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning. We have several on the list to receive baskets, so if you can also help, please call Emily on Friday and let her know. Also, if you can help assemble the baskets,call Emily for the day and time (Emily is out of town Feb. 8th through Feb. 12th). Nancy Williams and Yvonne Thomas will be baking cookies. Paula Wright will be filling the small heart shaped tins with a baked item.

March 14th, Kingsway will be the host church for WTNCWF "Spiritual Journey." Registration will begin at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday morning.Registration fee will be $15.00 and our CWF will receive $6.00 of the fee for our expenses. Gary Wright has agreed to prepare the lunch and our custodian, Eric Myles, has agreed to clean up afterwards. The CWF would like for the WIM to help with greeting our guests and to help serve the meal, which we will be most happy to do.

March 29th will be 5th Sunday Harvest when we ask our Kingsway members to donate non-perishable food to the Memphis Food Bank Pantry. This is one way we can reach out to the community to help those who are hungry.

Again, a big thank you to all those who helped with Cabin Fever Luncheon to raise over $400.00 to help with expenses for those planning to attend the 2010 Quadrennial in Greensboro, NC. Let's talk it up and have many in attendance from Kingsway.