Sunday, March 29, 2009

Big Stuff Can Fit in Small Moments

There was a whole thing of things going on during Children’s Moment this Sunday.  Dr. Jason made an exciting announcement.  Rachel Woodall will be joining Kingsway as an Associate Pastor/Coordinator of Youth Ministry.  Welcome Rachel!  We are so excited to have you at Kingsway.

 032909 001

 032909 002

Then Elizabeth talked about magnets and paperclips.  How they are drawn to each other and stick to each other. 

032909 003

How can we be close to to God and Jesus?  We can pray!  That will keep us close.

032909 004

After church, it was on to Kingsway’s Annual Chili Cook-Off.  It drew quite the crowd.

032909 005

This cutie sat at my table.

  032909 007

Twelve entries!  They all looked so good.

 032909 008

Oh, we went back for seconds, and some thirds.

 032909 009

After the judges did a blind taste test, Greg announced the winner.

 032909 010  

Seriously?  The minister?  You’ve got to be kidding!  But he wasn’t .  Jason won with his “What the Hell?” chili. 

 032909 014

Looks good, doesn’t it?

032909 015

His prize?  This handy, dandy chili pepper bandana.  I believe Katelyn looks much better in it than Jason would.

 032909 016

Congratulations Jason!  At least until next year……

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Can You Measure God’s Love?

Linda tried her best to convince the children that you CAN measure God’s love. 

She tried it with a small measuring cup, then a big one.

and Dallas told her You can’t measure God’s love.

She tried it with a ruler, then a yardstick.

and Dallas told her You can’t measure God’s love.

She tried it with a watch.

and Dallas told her You can’t measure God’s love.

These are the children that agreed with Linda:

032209 001

These are the children that agreed with Dallas:

032209 002

Sorry Linda.  Thankfully, God’s love is IMMEASURABLE!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Passages Game Night

It’s that time again – Passages Game Night at the Royle house, where rules are subject to change at a moment’s notice!

031409 084

Guess what this is!  You’ll have to scroll all the way to the end to find out.

First, there was some incredible food courtesy of Heather.

031409 004

031409 005

031409 006

031409 007

031409 009

031409 013 031409 010 031409 011 031409 012   

Then we drew numbers for our teams.

 031409 015031409 014

There were lots of folks.

031409 027

Bill and Susan

 031409 001 031409 002 031409 018

Nick and Cindy

 031409 019


 031409 021

Wes, Jocelyn, and Paul

031409 033


031409 031


031409 034

Rudy and me are close friends.  Both of us are looking a little fuzzy here.

First we played Fact or Crap...

031409 028 031409 022 031409 023 031409 025

Then we tried Mad Gab.  For about 3 minutes.

The grand finale – Pictionary.  Let me show you.

Wes drew:  Harley Davidson

  031409 039

Paul was next with:  Liposuction.  (I know, we found it hard to believe too!)

031409 044 031409 046

Cindy drew:  Yacht

 031409 050

Susan was very serious about her game.  See how she’s thinking REALLY hard about her word:  Little.

 031409 053 031409 054

Bill said she should have drawn a picture of Maggie and Liam.  Apparently Maggie use to call Liam “Little”.

Andy was up next.

 031409 055

Horse Race.  Believe it or not his horse started out as a car and then converted to the animal.

 031409 056

It is very dangerous to play a game with tons of laughter when you are 7 months pregnant!

 031409 057

Jocelyn:  Solid.  Can you see it?  Don’t worry, neither could we.

 031409 061

Jason with his Swiss Humpty Dumpty.

 031409 063

Andy with his Force Field.

 031409 064

Bill with an incredible version of Fear.

 031409 065

Andy:  Chauffeur.  I got this!

 031409 066

Here’s Susan.  Thinking again.

 031409 067

For her many versions of Shade.

 031409 068

Jason:  North America.  Well, at least half of it.

 031409 069

Paul with the finale:  Eel

 031409 076

Did you guess it?  Are you sure?

031409 084

Take another look.

031409 084

CARVE!  That’s right, CARVE!  See the knife?  No, that’s not a slug Wes.  It’s a…




Yes folks!  That is a turkey getting ready to be carved with a knife!  No really, it’s a turkey. 

Big round blob + antennae = TURKEY